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Study Tours

 The Study tours will be sanctioned by the Head of the Institution strictly according to necessity,limiting the expenditure as decided by the University from time to time.There shall be two study tours with one South India tour covering all the research stations of Kerala Agricultural University and other important Central/State Institutes which will be attached to the last Module of RAWE and one All India study tour which will be conducted towards the end of 3rd year of study.For UG programmes under Faculty of Agriculture the duration of All India study tour may be upto 21 days and that of South India study tour upto 15 days.

All study tours which are part of the Syllabus are compulsory and those who miss study tours for any reason may be asked to undertake another tour(s) as specified by the Head of the Institution before the award of the degree. However,if the  absence with valid reasons and it is with the prior permission of the Head of Institution, the student may be ordered to put in equivalent attendence in specified farms/ fields/institution in lieu of their absence, at their expense during semester break or after the completion of VIII semester. The farms attached to the College where the student studied shall not be alloted for this purpose.Study tour allowance to each student for the entire course is Rs.8000/- (All India + South India).


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