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Student Union

The Students’ Union is a democratically elected union which is vested with the responsibility of organizing various activities for the benefit of the students.  One of the senior most faculty is given the charge of the Associate Patron who coordinates the activities of the Students’ Union at the College level.  There are a number of constituent clubs and associations under the Students’ Union such as Arts Club, Quiz Club, Nature Club and Planning Forum.  Each of these constituents has elected Secretaries who are supported by a Faculty Member nominated by the Head of the Institution to oversee the activities of the clubs.  The Students’ Union organizes a wide range of programmes with the Co-operation of the Faculty, non-teaching staff and outsiders.  They not only undertake cultural and educational programmes, but also programmes aimed at personality development as well as career development of the students.  The Union activities enable the students to develop leadership qualities and organizational capabilities which go a long way as a capacity building support system.

One important component of the Students’ Union is the Magazine Committee, which has an elected student secretary and a nominated staff editor from the faculty.  This committee brings out Wall Magazines periodically and College Magazines are published every possible years.  The Wall Magazines as well as College Magazines provide excellent opportunities for students to give expression to their creative thinking and imagination.

The Students’ Union Councilors of the College also get the chance of getting elected as members of the University Union which is the counterpart of the College Union at the University level.  Many of the students of CCBM were elected as office bearers of the University Union.  Thus the students of this College are deeply involved in leading the KAU Union activities and could take advantage of this system for improving their personality, organizing capability and leadership abilities.  The activities under taken by students union 2016-17, 2017-18 are as follows,


a) Students Union progrmmes

  1. Students’ union named PRAYANA 2016-17 started its journey on 11th January. It was inaugurated by Mr. Tiny Tom, a well known Indian film actor and mimicry artist.
  2. From 13th to 17th march, organised film festival “CELLULOID 2K17” in which wide range of films were screened. Shri Nandhakishore, well known cine artist was the chief guest.
  3. Interclass arts competition “MIZHIVU 2K17” was conducted from 8th may to 12th may.
  4.  A farewell party, “MAZHAVILLU 2K17” was organized on 27th June to  SPERANZA-13.
  5. Students have participated the Inter-Agri Unifest in 2017.
  6. On 17th august Farmers Day was celebrated. Smt. Indira, a farmer from Thrissur District was the chief guest.
  7. Onam celebration, “THUMBAPOO 2K17” was conducted on 30th august. Teachers day celebration and the victory ceremony of RITHU 2K17 also carried out on the same date
  8. Fresher’s day was conducted for welcoming our new members- 2017 batch
  9. As part of KERALA PIRAVI union conducted various writing competitions, in which various competitors participated.  And finally, organised “COLLEGE FOUNDATION DAY” on 16th November. Sri.V R Ravindranath, Chairperson, Task Force for the formation of Kerala Bank & Ex.CGM, NABARD Kerala was our chief guest.
  10. Christmas Celebration Students’ union 2017-2018 conducted “JINGLE BELLS”
  11. Union inauguration Students’ union 2017-2018 was inaugurated by Dr. Pradeepkumar. T (Director of planning, K.A.U) and inauguration of arts club was done by Sri. M.L.Ouseppachan famous music director on 17th January 2018.
  12. Alumini association SAGHEYA 2k18 made a platform “GULMOHAR2K18” for the reunion of C & Bians of 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 on 27th January 2018 from 10am to 4pm.
  13. SAGHEYA 2k18 and KAU students’union 2k18 jointly organized appreciation for the participants of inter agri arts festival on 10th  February 2018. 
  14. Womens day CelebrationSAGHEYA 2k18 conveyed the importance of womens’day on March 8 th by pasting handmade posters at CCBM college.
  15. Kitty show by Archives’ department The valedictory function of kitty show by Archives’ department was jointly organized by KAU students ‘union and SAGHEYA 2k1.
  16. Interclass arts festival Art’s club of SAGHEYA 2k18 proudly conducted interclass arts festival “MAYOOKHAM 2K18” from April 9th  to April 13th  2018 with 11 offstage events , 13 onstage individual events and 14 onstage group events.
  17.  Alumini Association 1998 batch SAGHEYA 2k18 organised the reunion of “SURABHI98” batch on May 12th  2018.
  18. Environmental day celebration. Social service club of SAGHEYA 2k18 and NSS unit CCBM jointly organized environmental day celebration on June 5th 2018 by cleaning the college and its surroundings.
  19. SAGHEYA 2k18 had conducted “SNEHAPOORVAM” farewell to 2014 batch on June 6th 2018 at CCBM auditorium.
  20. Independence day celebration SAGHEYA 2k18 conducted competitions on behalf of Independence Day on 13/8/18 essay writing English and on14/8/18 quiz competition.
  21. SAGHEYA 2k18 conducted appreciation of participants of intercollegiate arts festival 2k18 those who togetherly contributed to the 4th position in the event and
  22. A contribution to chief minister’s flood relief fund from CCBM family was handed over to Associate Dean .
  23. Fresher’s day Celebration SAGHEYA2k18 had conducted “VARAVELP2K18” to newly joined 2018 batch on October 11th 2018.



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