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Milestones in the Growth of CCBM

The Major Milestones in the growth of CCBM are given below.

  • 1981: The First batch of B.Sc(Hons) (C&B) students was admitted in November 1981 and the programme was initially attached to the College of Horticulture, Vellanikkara.
  • 1982: The Programme was shifted to the building of Communication Centre, Mannuthy in May 1982 and continued there till August 7, 1997. 
  • 1985: The Programme was upgraded to the status of an Independent College.
  • 1986: The Staff strength went up from 4 in 1981 to 6 in 1982 and 11 in 1984 and 23 in 1986. 
  • 1986: Two Postgraduate programmes in the Area of Rural Marketing Management and Rural Banking and Finance Management were launched.
  • 1989: An  M.Sc programme in Co-operative Management was begun.
  •  1993: The College got four Statutory Departments via Gazette notification of Government of Kerala. These Departments are:
  1. Co-operative Management
  2. Rural Banking and Finance Management
  3. Rural Marketing Management
  4. Development Economics
  • Other disciplines like Agricultural Extension, Agricultural Statistics, Computer Science and Quantitative Methods were attached to these Statutory departments.
  • 1994: Summer Institute in Agricultural Economics with special reference to Agricultural Marketing.
  • 1995: A Doctoral Programme in Rural Marketing Management was commenced.
  • 1995: Workshop on International Co-operative Alliance.
  • 1995: All India Refresher course for Vocational Higher Secondary School (VHSE) teachers in Banking.
  •  1995: Commencement of Ph.D. in Rural Marketing Management.
  • 1996: Rechristening as College of Co-operation, Banking & Management.
  • 1997: Hosted 56th Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Agricultural Economics.
  • 1998: Shifted to the new Academic Block in the Main Campus on 8th August.
  • 1999: ICAR Short course on Advances in Agricultural Projects Planning and Management.
  • 2000: ICAR Short course on Advances in Econometric Application in Agricultural Research and Extension.
  • 2004: The college received Accreditation by ICAR.
  • 2006: Silver Jubilee of CCBM.  As part of it, the College organized three National seminars on the following themes:
  • National  Seminar on ‘Opportunities in Agribusiness’
  • National Seminar on ‘Interventions in Agricultural Trade and Marketing.
  • National Seminar on ‘Human Resource Development in Cooperatives:Vision 2020’.
  • MBA (ABM) launched
  • Communication Lab for students established.
  • 2007: HRD training for Middle, Senior level Executives & Non-academic staffs of KAU.
  • 2008: First batch of MBA (ABM) passed out.
  • 2009: International Seminar on Students Co-operative.
  • 2010: DHISHANA – 2010 National Management Meet.
  • 2011: All Kerala Business Plan contest organized jointly with Thrissur Management Association.
  • 2011: Foundation Day Celebrations.  Two National seminars were organized.
  • National Seminar on Agri-Business Management for Inclusive Growth.
  • National Seminar on Co-operative Enterprises to Build a Better World.
  • 2012: Agri-Entrepreneurship Summit and Seminar on Enterprising Agriculture.
  • 2012:   All India Business Plan contest for HykonYoung Entrepreneur Award organized jointly with Thrissur Management Association.
  • 2012:  Expertise provided in the preparation of 12th Plan of the State of Kerala.   
  • 2012: Seminar on Sustainable Agricultural Growth: Roadmap For Reforms.
  • 2012: One Day Seminar on Agricultural Commodity Pricing.
  • 2012: A Management Seminar on Managing Uncertainty.
  • 2013:Seminar on FDI In Retail
  • 2013: Leadership Wisdom Talk Series - First Edition on the theme “The Recipe for Entrepreneurial Success.
  • 2013: Two Days Workshop on “Creativity”
  • 2013: Two Days National Seminar on “The Contours of Indian Banking” on 23rd and 24th October, 2013.                        
  • 2013:Two Days Workshop on -The Agile Manager- Global Competitiveness of MBA’s
  • 2014: Leadership Wisdom Talk Series - Second Edition on the theme “Harnessing Agribusiness Potential of Kerala.
  • 2014: Leadership Wisdom Talk Series - Third Edition on the theme “Nurturing Innovation and Modulating Change in Organizations.
  • 2014:Leadership Wisdom Talk Series - Fourth Edition on the theme “Lasting values of Leadership: Lessons from the success story of Delhi Metro”
  • 2014: Seminar on “Wholesale and Retail Trade in Vegetables”.
  • 2014: National seminar on “The Power of Branding”.
  • 2014: National Seminar on Marketing Management: The Value Perspective
  • 2014: One Day Workshop on “Business Incubation Process and IPR & Trade Marks”.
  • 2014: Seminar on Bringing “Magic Back to Marketing”.2014: Dr. Varghese Kurien Commemoration Talk.
  • 2014:Seminar on “Ease of doing business in India and abroad”
  • 2014: Seminar on “Agricultural Financing and Rural Development”.
  • 2014: Seminar on “Role of Lead Bank with special reference to District Credit Plan.”
  • 2014: Seminar on “Leadership Lessons of Mahatma Gandhi”.
  • 2014: Seminar on the theme Livelihood Security Systems’.
  • 2015: Seminar on “Challenges facing the plantation sector”.
  • 2015: National Management Meet ‘Blue Ocean 2015’.
  • 2015: Leadership Wisdom Talk fifth edition.
  • 2015: Seminar on ‘Capital Market and SEBI’.
  • 2015: Seminar on “E-Rupee to Reinvent India”.
  • 2015: Seminar on ‘IFRS’ (International Financial Reporting System).
  • 2015: “Adjuvant’-Coaching for Bank Test.
  • 2015: Seminar on Goods & Services Tax (GST).
  • 2015: The Sixth Edition of the Leadership Wisdom Talk Serieson “Social Enterprises: Opportunities and Challenges”.
  • 2015: Seminar on ‘Awake the Entrepreneur in You’-Start up Ecosystem in Kerala.
  • 2015: Seminar on ‘Agribusiness Situation in UK’.


  • 2015: Two Day National Seminar on “The DNA of Lasting Brands”.
  • 2015: Seminar on Rural Marketing & Technology Transfer.
  • 2015: Leadership Wisdom Talk Series - Seventh Edition on the theme “Eastern Business Model and Strategies to Enterprise Kerala.”
  • 2016: One day work shop on Demonetisation and its impact  on Primary Agricultural Credit  Co operative Societies
  • 2016: Fisheries Lab for students established.
  • 2017: Panel Discussion on the need for professionalisation in Co operatives
  • 2017: District level Business Quiz Competition
  • 2017: Exhibition cum Sale of eco friendly Products: Pradarshini 2K17
  • 2017: One day awareness workshop on GST
  • 2017: All India Management Meet: Blue Ocean 2017
  • 2017: Panel Discussion on Macro economics of contemporary fiscal and monetary policies in India
  • 2017: Panel discussion on cooperative and Rural banking the way ahead
  • 2017: Entrance examination for U.G Programme started
  • 2018: Exhibition cum Sale of eco friendly Products- Pradarshini 2K18
  • 2018: Panel Discussion on capital market reforms in India
  • 2018: One day workshop on UG curriculum review (New Syllabus) course done at the College of CBM with external experts
  • 2018: B.Sc (Hons.) C&B New Syllabus was approved by the Board of Studies & Academic Council of the Kerala Agricultural University
  • 2018: One day workshop on PG Curriculum review in the department of Rural marketing management
  • 2018: One day workshop on PG Curriculum review in the department of Cooperative management
  • 2018: All Kerala and Intercollegiate Quiz Competition; INQUISITIVE 2K18


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